Work from home– for the Average Person.

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Dotcom Secrets X Revealed – You Make Money or You Don’t Pay a Dime! Here is how?

Russell Brunson designed DotcomsecretsX. His program has been talked about on major stations such as NBC and his company name was even on the side of a Virgin Airplane. I don’t know of too many Internet marketing programs that have received this kind of publicity. His mission is to help 100,000 people make their first $100, 10,000 to help fire their boss, 1,000 to make a 6-figure income, and 100 to become millionaires.

Russell modified his program going from a coaching program that cost $5,000 and give it away for almost nothing. His angle is to prove it works first and then pay from the profits you make. He only charges a dollar today and everyday for the next 30 days you will get a private video about 10-15 minutes long and will tell you one task to finish, which will take about 10-15 minutes to finish. The next day will come another video and you repeat the process. In a few days it’ll start making sense as to where he’s going with his private videos he sends to you.

You’ll learn the following from his challenge of making money first before you pay;

1. Build a list.

2. How to build a list fast and for free or mostly free methods.

3. How to use that list to make money.

Your list of emails is key to making money online. In fact, every time you send an email you make money and it’s as simple as that. According to Russell, the secret to making money is not Facebook, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay per click), or Twitter as an example. So bottom line, it’s all in the list. Everybody successful with Internet Marketing have one thing in common, they all have a big list to market to. Russell provides a stat pretty interesting; he makes about $1.00 per email on his list. I’ve never heard of a stat described in this way before with other reviews I’ve done so this definitely sums up the numbers in a simplified manner.

The concept of making money before you invest money with this program is very different. This program will be $97.00 per month after 30 days. Russell gives everyone a chance to see if the program really works in 30 days and if it doesn’t you get your dollar back. Typically, a sales page will start off with a really high price for a program and then end with a really low price. For example, they’ll say something to the effect of not selling it for $1997, not $1000, but only $27.00. You get what you pay for. Typically you get a general overview for $27.00 and you really don’t get the know how to really get your online business up and running without buying more of their upsells. The only two instances I can think of where you can turn the $27.00 dollar program into profit is if you already know what you are doing and you get at least 1 golden nugget from the program or you get lucky The chances of someone getting lucky is like winning the lotto. So either be prepared to put up more money if you want to learn the quickest way possible or get ready to put in a huge amount of time to learn how to do what it is the Dotcomsecrets really offers which is access to its outsource team. The outsource team are made up of coaches to get you quicker results that would normally take you longer if you are not comfortable with handling both the technical and sales aspect of an Internet marketer. It comes down to time or money and I always lean towards money over time because I think my time is way more valuable if of course it’s within my budget!

Struggling to make money online?  Stop struggling……Start Making Money!  Here is your shortcut to success.  Click here to get more information.  


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