How you can easily automate your webinars that play on…….Autopilot!

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How to Produce a Webinar?  Why is it important?  This is why!

Congratulations! Now that you have decided to produce a Webinar, you have essentially taken all of the guesswork out of your marketing program. When you market your product with other forms of advertisement, you need to select which features of your product to highlight in that spot depending on the form of media you have selected, the intended audience and their perceived product needs. This traditional marketing strategy is definitely not a perfect science. Some would even go as far to say advertising is a hit and miss game. Not true with the Webinar and that is why the Webinar is the most effective marketing tool available.

So you are wondering how a Product Owner is supposed to be able to produce this promotional phenomenon. Truly, the process is easy. You can start by contacting a Webinar Coordinator, think about the best way to demonstrate all the best features of your product, bring in some of the product’s current most satisfied users and consider including any third party experts you have consulted during the product’s development.

Inviting a Webinar Coordinator on board may alleviate any remaining stress you are still experiencing. Expertise and past experience in producing a Webinar will be brought to you by the coordinator. In addition, during the Webinar he could act as a Co-Host and provide you, the Product Owner, with a strong and credible introduction. During the Webinar, the Coordinator can help segue between the different segments and generally keep the production moving, interesting and lively. A Coordinator also has valuable input regarding audience, membership lists and how to capture important market information.

Traditional forms of advertising limits your ability to choose which feature to use, the time and space to promote your product. In a Webinar, the Product Owner/Developer is making the sales pitch and your audience is ready to listen to everything you have to say. All about the product’s qualities and attributes and its competitiveness are everything your audience wants to hear. This is your big opportunity to really sell your product and why it can change the buyers’ lives for the better.

All those people you gave free product samples to or let them use at a discounted price – now is the time to bring them in for that return favor. Ask them to be part of your Webinar and let them tell the audience how your product has improved their lives. The more varied and sincere the testimonials, the more the members of the audience will feel involved and connected.

In addition to your presence, you can consider taking with you a product expert. In the perception of your audience, an expert that can convince them about the benefits of your own product and its stand against competitors is a sure method of establishing credibility. The Webinar Coordinator can also list the expert’s credentials and experience in his introduction.

With your infinite knowledge about your product and just a few phone calls to a Webinar Coordinator, Product Expert, and Product Users you have all the ingredients for the production of your Webinar. Oh and don’t forget the computer!

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